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Angel Healing®
Level 2 Practitioner 

The system of Angel Healing® was born 2009 under the guidance of Archangel Raphael and Archeiai Virtue - the angel of truth and healing.

Angel Healing® is a means for us to meet the angels and get to know them. The system consists of one beginner level, one practitioner level and one teacher level, can be taught in-person or online. Angel Healing® is a hands-on or remote healing modality used for personal or global healing, empowerment and spiritual development.


This beautiful healing modality can create a profound shift in consciousness, increase your wellbeing and gift you with a sense of "coming home". The angels hold you in sacred space to ensure you receive what is in line for your highest good during an angel healing course and during an angel healing session. Angel Healing® is truely an uplifting and empowering course, is the only Angel healing modality that incorporates Archangels and the Archeiai (female Archangels) who are present to help humanity with their ascension process.


In the Angel Healing® level 2 Practitioner course you will learn ways to deepen your connection with each of the 17 Archangels and each of 17 Archeiai. You will receive Angel Healing® symbols that will help to enhance your healing sessions and after training you will be qualified to practice professionally as a Angel Healing® Practitioner with the public.



Angel Healing® Level 2 Practitioner Course 

~ You will receive Level 2 attunement catered to your own individual purpose and path

~ Learn advanced techniques to further deepen your connection with !7 Archangels and !7 Archeiai

~ Learn advanced techniques to give and receive Angel healing

~ Learn and practice how to do remote Angel healing

~ Receive the Angel Healing® symbols

~ Learn how to use Angel healing® symbols for healing, balance and ascension

~ Learn the process for emotional and mental re-reprogramming

~ Learn how to unearth the root cause of disease states

~ Learn how to incorporate angelic crystals into your Angel Healing sessions

~ Learn about Angel Healing® ethics and professional conduct

~ Learn how to set up your own professional practice and marketing 

~ Learn how to give accurate angel card readings

~ Angel Meditations 

~ Angelic sound healing and /or practical exercises catered to students attending

~ Every student receives a comprehensive level 2 manual

~ Every student will receive their Angel Healing® certificate upon completion of case studies,

   along with ongoing support from their Angel Healing® Teacher

~ All students receive an invitation to a monthly Angelic circle were they can develop and practice receiving 

   and giving Angel Healing® and meet likeminded people

~ Life time practitioner membership to Angel Healing for further updates to the system

~ Entry into Angel Healing® Level 3 Teacher 

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