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       Animal Reiki Master

Welcome to Animal Reiki Master training. This is a 3 day class open to all Reiki lineages and belief systems with animal relationships. To register for this class students must have complete their training for Animal Reiki I & II and is already an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

In the Animal Reiki Master class, it provides the student with the Animal Reiki energy, specific for animals, they receive tools, and techniques they will need to practice and share with animals, and more tools, to teach Animal Reiki to others with skill and expertise.

The Animal Reiki Master class is for those who already work and practice with animals, and who would like to take their skills and abilities to a deeper level to help animals. The Animal Reiki Master class is also for those who are ready to teach and pass on this beautiful healing modality to others.

During Animal Reiki Master training the student will receive a comprehensive Animal Reiki Master Manual, authored by Colleen Benelli, Sioux Strong, Robyn Benelli, Pamela Allen-Leblanc, Animal Reiki symbol that will help to empower both animals and students life force energy, vitality and will also unify the human and animal consciousness. During the Animal Reiki Master class the Animal Reiki energy received will be deeply healing for both student and animal companions.

What you will learn in the 3 Day Animal Reiki Master Class

  • Student receives four Ignitions to Animal Reiki

  • Student receives the symbol for Animal Reiki energy

  • Student will learn additional skills to help heal and work more deeply with animals using Reiki

  • Student receives Experiences and mediations

  • Upon completion of Animal Reiki Master training, student will receive a certificate and will be qualified to teach Animal Reiki I&II,  and Animal Reiki Master classes

Who will benefit from taking Animal Reiki Master Class

  • Students who are passionate about deepening their experience, knowledge, communion with Animals and the Divine Earth

  • Students who would like to learn additional practitioner healing tools and animal Reiki healing tools - including how to attune Animals to Animal Reiki energy

  • Students who would like more experience & practice time with hands-on and distance healing each day in class

  • Students who would like to learn how to conduct Placements for Animal Reiki I&II, Master and how to conduct the Experiences & how to conduct the four Ignitions for Animal Reiki Master

  • Students who would like to learn additional tools and techniques on how to create an Animal Reiki Class, in-person and online


  • Student must have complete Animal Reiki I & II, are already a human Reiki Master Teacher

  • Training Fees - £600

  • Classes are held via zoom or in-person

Below is some additional reading and information that will help you to stay within the UK laws, applies to

treating and working with Animals. If you live out with the UK please do your research, read up on the laws for your own country for working and healing animals.

British Veterinary Association: BVA - 

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