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Welcome to Animal Reiki Training, specifically developed for those who are interested in working and treating animals by the International Centre for Reiki training, (ICRT).

Animal Reiki is a unique course which specifically treats animals and is also beneficial to the animals human companions or caregivers. Animal Reiki has its own unique life force energy which is different to human Reiki.

Animal Reiki is taught over two levels, Animal Reiki I & II and Animal Reiki Master. The training in both courses are thorough & comprehensive and on completion of Animal Reiki I & II training, you will be qualified to offer and treat animals professionally with this beautiful unique energy.  On completion of Animal Reiki Master training you will be qualified to teach and pass on this unique training to others.


  • Anyone from any Usui Reiki Lineage

  • Must have done Usui Reiki level 1 & 2 

Animal Reiki I & II, is a comprehensive two day course that will enable a student the ability to channel Animal Reiki energy and become a qualified as an Animal Reiki practitioner. The course includes skills and techniques to work and treat animals from all walks of life.

  • Receive Animal Reiki Placements I & II

  • Receive a comprehensive Animal Reiki I & II Manual, authored by Colleen Benelli, Sioux Strong, Robyn Benelli, and Pamela Allen-Leblanc

  • Become a qualified Animal Reiki Practitioner on completion of training

  • Be qualified to give in-person and distance Animal Reiki sessions

  • Learn the 3 priorities of Animal Reiki

  • Learn how to give Animal Reiki to many different species of animals

  • Learn techniques for both in-person and distance sessions

  • During training you will gain experience working with animals in real-time on zoom ( if in-person class you will also gain experience working with animal)

  • Learn basics on shelter and volunteer work and creating your own Animal Reiki business

  • Receive a certificate on completion of training

Animal Reiki I & II 

Training Fee - £ 400

Classes are held via zoom or in-person


Below you will find useful links for additional reading and information that will help you to stay within the UK laws, these laws must be applied when treating and working with Animals professionally. If you live out with the UK, please do your research, read up on the laws for your own country for working and treating animals.

British Veterinary Association: BVA - 

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