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Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner Training

Reiki drum technique practitioner training is available to all Reiki II practitioners of any lineage. Reiki drum technique is a combination of Reiki and Shamanic drumming. A fairly new system to the UK, and is more popular in USA. Reiki drumming as its known in the USA, is the creative inspiration of Michael Arthur Baird, an American Reiki Master at the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre in Arizona USA. 

Reiki drum technique is specialized method used along with the protective and gentle energy of Reiki to deliver deep healing. Drum waves carry the Reiki energy into the recipients energy field, creating stress relief and deep relaxation, rebalances the energy field and shifts blockages.  

Reiki Drum Technique is broken down into three core methods for healing

  • Reiki Drum Healing -  In this method the practitioner drums over the recipients body to facilitate deep healing followed by a hands on Reiki session.

  • Mental & Emotional Reprogramming - A method used to reprogram the subconscious mind combined with a personal positive affirmation to eliminate negative habits, followed by hands on Reiki session.

  • Reiki Drum Journey - In this method the recipient is taken into a deep meditative state to access information for personal insight, healing and spiritual guidance.

Research shows that a person's brain activity is affected and influenced by drumming and in recent research their findings suggest drumming has a significant effect on improving illness and emotional trauma.

Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner Training

In-person or Online Training


  • Reiki II Practitioner of any lineage. (Please note, Reiki II certificate must be emailed to us when registering for training)

  • No previous drumming experience required.

  • Students require to have their own drum for the first day of training - If your require a drum contact Ruth or one of the admin after you have registered and paid for your training, we will be happy to help you source your drum. 

  • Training fee - £300

  • On the first day of training students receive a comprehensive manual.

  • On completion of training students receives a certificate and on completion of training qualifies students to work professionally as a Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner.




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