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Embrace With Reiki   Reiki Shares

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Embrace with Reiki, Reiki Shares are open to Reiki Students and Masters of all Reiki lineages, we welcome everyone who would like to join us, even if you have not been taught here at Embrace With Reiki or if you haven’t been able to practice for a long time.  We are extending our invitation to all Reiki Practitioners to attend one or more of our Reiki Shares.


Reiki shares are designed to bring together Reiki Practitioners, so that they can practice, share Reiki and gain more skills and experience with Reiki. It is a wonderful opportunity to receive a treatment, set your cares aside for a few hours and rejuvenate your energy. 


We provide a safe, comfortable, supportive and professional environment, where all practitioners can support each other’s Reiki journey and learning.

Reiki Share gatherings allow Reiki students, to connect with others and practice their Reiki skills. Our Reiki Shares are normally around two -three hours. We start with a half hour of social time, to allow practitioners to have a friendly chat, along with some healthy herbal tea and refreshments, to allow time for our new practitioners to become comfortable and allowing for everyone to introduce themselves. 

After our introductions, we begin with our meditation time and Reiju empowerment's,

followed by our Energy work on the healing tables, that are set up for the purpose of the share. There are normally around four practitioners at each table and one receiving Reiki lying on the table. Everyone takes their turn to receive and share Reiki.


Our shares are well organized, friendly and full of beautiful Reiki energy that is free flowing and powerful which will leave you feeling more rejuvenated and energized. 


So why not come along and join us, let go of all your everyday concerns and leave feeling more peaceful, rejuvenated and happy to have spent the day with like minded people.

Update - Due to Covid-19  spaces are limited, and anyone who would like to come along to our Reiki Share on the first Sunday of the month would need to contact us here at Embrace With Reiki to check/book your space. 


Please contact us at, or subscribe to our mailing list to get more details of all our Reiki share meetings here in Glasgow.

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