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Second Degree Reiki

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Second Degree Reiki


In Second Degree Training, it is a little more in depth than the First Degree. Student have another attunement to the Second Degree energy and get three Reiki symbols to help intensify the Reiki energy. Second Degree will allow the students to practice emotional/mental healing and distant healing. 

With the Second Degree symbols the student will learn more Japanese Reiki techniques to further enhance their Reiki skills and how to set up a professional practice of their own.

New students can register for training on our registration page. Please contact us by email if you require more information on any other dates which might be more suitable to you. 

Prerequisite: 1st Degree Reiki (certificate required)

Course duration 2 days


  • Learn the nature, purpose, and use of the Reiki Symbols

  • Learn how to increase the energy of Reiki

  • Learn to use Reiki to empower your goals or someone else’s goals

  • Explore more mysterious techniques of Reiki.

  • Receive a second level attunement and a certification by the end of the training

  • Practice on self and/or others

  • How to become a professional practitioner

  • Much more


Please be advised there will not be long intervals during your training course, therefore, we would advise you to have something substantial to eat before attending. During the 2 days of  training, there will be light snacks and drinks available. 


We would also ask that all students avoid consuming alcohol the night before and during their training as this could affect their attunements, avoid coffee, tobacco and other stimulants before attending especially if doing practice work with other students as some may be put of by the smell.  It would be advisable to wear loose fitted comfortable clothing for comfort during the course.


Students will receive a comprehensive manual will be awarded a certificate on completion of training. 

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