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First Degree Reiki

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First Degree Reiki


First Degree Reiki training, students are initiated/attuned to the Reiki energy through a series of attunements. After the student has received their attunements, the Reiki energy will flow easily and the student will feel the energy for the first time they will feel more balanced and energized  No special talents or rituals are needed or required for Reiki to work.


During Reiki training students are taught the history, principles of Reiki, Reiki techniques, the basic hand positions for self-treatment, an overview of the energy system, and over the two days students are given their attunements, learn how to practice self treatments, and plenty of practice giving Reiki to others. Students are also given the knowledge and practical experience needed to go forward effectively with their Reiki practice.


First Degree is primarily for the purpose of self healing. After training there is ongoing support available for students at our monthly Reiki shares, to help students who have concerns, questions or to continue with more practice and build confidence.

Training duration 2 Days


New students can register for training on registratio page. Please contact us by email if your require more information or if dates are not suitable for when you would like to take your training. 





Course duration: 2 days


  • What Reiki is

  • History of Reiki and the Reiki Principles

  • How Reiki works and how it can be used

  • An overview of the energy system

  • First degree attunements and meditation 

  • Practicing self - treatment

  • Preparing a room, for yourself and a recipient

  • Reiki treatments using a chair and using a table

  • Western hand position 

  • Intuition-driven Reiki

  • Much more

  • Finished by a Reiki practice giving Reiki to others

  • Certificate awarded



Please be advised there will not be long intervals during this training course. Instructors provide light snacks and drinks throughout the day but you are advised to bring your own lunch.  

We would also ask you to avoid consuming any alcohol the night before or during the two days of your training, as this may affect your attunements and possibly avoid any other stimulants such as coffee and tobacco as this might put other students off with the smell of tobacco or coffee especially when giving Reiki during Reiki practice. It is also better to have plenty rest before attending the course, so please make time for your Reiki Training, try to avoid making any other plans during these two days to feel the benefits. It is also a good idea to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes during the course.


Students will be given a manual to keep and a Certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of training.





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