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Holy Fire® III World Peace
Karuna Reiki
® Master

Training Details


Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master Class
In-Person & Online Training

Class Duration - over three days

 Times: 9am - 6pm BST

(subject to change to accommodate international students)

Class Hosted - Via Zoom Glasgow Scotland

Tuition Fee - £600

Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® is the next step after Reiki Master from any lineage of Reiki. Karuna is translated from a Sanskrit word, and means "any action or “to take compassionate action to diminish the suffering of others.” As we become enlightened, we recognize that we are all connected with each other and therefore it is natural for us to want to extend compassionate action or Karuna Reiki® to our fellow human beings that may be suffering. The spirit of Karuna Reiki® implies that we use wisdom to guide us in imparting the energy to heal ourselves as well as others. As you develop Karuna Reiki®, you become more receptive to its healing energies and therefore your personal healing will be quickened.

The Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® system was developed and is a trademark of the International Center of Reiki training. Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® is overseen by supreme enlightened beings who work to help end the suffering on Earth. They send unlimited healing energy and guidance to those on earth who are receptive to Karuna Reiki®. As this beautiful energy develops one becomes more receptive to the Karuna energy and one opens up to work more closely with these supreme enlightened beings.


Karuna energy is of a higher consciousness and vibration that is noticeably refined and effective. Karuna Reiki® healing qualities can help to heal relationships, additions, heals and harmonizes all chakras, helps a person's mental focus, grounding and helps to develop good habits. Karuna Reiki® also helps to improve learning abilities and increases creativity, can also help with communication, and heal co-dependency. Karuna Reiki® can help a person claim back their power and heal their fear, heals parts of the physical body that has become weakened or damaged and Karmic issues. It helps to enhance clairvoyance and with manifestation and empowering of goals. This beautiful healing energy of Karuna Reiki® has many healing and empower qualities. 

In this class your receive eight Karuna Reiki® symbols and one Master symbol. Once the student has complete their training, this will enable them to practice Holy Fire III® World Peace Karuna Reiki® in their Reiki treatments and teach all levels of Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® and be able to teach Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II and Master Practitioner(ART Master Practitioner) class. Class is a combination of lecture, discussions, demonstration and practice and comes with a class manual and certificate.

Following subjects taught in this class

  • Description, use  of all eight Karuna Reiki® symbols and Holy Fire® symbol

  • Four Ignitions given to student for the Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki (over the course of three days)

  • Instruction and practice giving and receiving treatments with the use of the nine symbols

  • Instruction and practice on giving Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® Ignitions 

  • Instruction and practice giving placements, for Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II and first part of Usui Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master

  • Chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki® symbols

  • Instruction on how to conduct all Holy Fire® Experiences including Empowered by the River of Peace Experience.

  • Learn how to practice the Holy Fire® Meditation 

  • Ethics and Codes of Practice

  • Class manual 

  • Certificate

  • and much more

  • Ongoing support during and after training



To qualify to take this class the student must have been a Reiki Master of any lineage for at least six months. The student must also be able to draw all Reiki II symbols and Master symbol from memory and have a legible copy of their Reiki Master certificate. A copy of your certificate is required to be sent to Embrace with Reiki when registering for training, unless you have previously trained with us at Embrace with Reiki.

This class makes use of World Peace Reiki energy, which has all the qualities of the Holy Fire® III energy and includes a higher vibration that actively creates feelings of peace within each student. Also included in this class is the Empowered by the River of Peace Experience and World Peace Ignition which establishes and strengthens the World Peace Reiki energy and empowers one to actively manifest peace in the world. The World Peace Ignition also empowers each student to teach the World Peace version of this class to others. 

Class Duration & Times


9am - 6pm BST, (subject to change) over three days

(There will occasionally be training available for other time zones to accommodate international students, please check training dates and times availability before registering)

Tuition Fees


All students are required to have their tuition fees fully paid no later than 5 days, prior to the training commencing. If for any reason the student has to postpone their training, their fees can be applied to any future class provided it is within 12 months and you notify us. Once you have fully paid your tuition fees you are fully registered for your class. If you have registered and paid for an online class we will send out your training manual so that it arrives before training begins, if it is an in-person class you will receive your manual on the first day of your training.

Requirements (Online training only)


Students must have a device which is able to connect through the Zoom app with audio and video (a free app for students)



Is a requirement for all students and spaces are limited, therefore it is best to register early to reserve your space to avoid disappointment. Once you have fully paid your tuition fees, we will send out your training manual so that it arrives before training begins.


Ignitions & Placements

In this class attunements are renamed as Ignitions and Placements and they are done differently than attunements. They have been developed to provide a more effective healing energy. The Ignitions make use of the Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki energy which is why it is more effective. Ignitions are given in the Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master training and after the student has received all four Ignitions this gives the student the ability to use the Master symbols, so that they can conduct placements and ignitions in their own classes.

This class has a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice. A class manual and a certification are included. You can register for this class by either paying the whole tuition fee or paying a non-refundable deposit where all tuition fees must be fully paid 5 days prior to the commencement of your training. Once all tuition fees are fully paid, we will send out your class manual. If for any reason the student is unable to take the class, they can transfer their non-refundable deposit to another class within one year and you have notified us. 


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